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No drawings today.

Oh my oh my, no drawings in my post today- what is wrong with me?
Well, work. As usual.
I did update Water Tribe but on DA. I started posting the second version here:
Should make for an easier reading, plus the pages will be easier to go through.

Started my first week at Nickelodeon. Now I can mention the project, after checking that it had been made public: I'll be helping to board on Penguins, the same penguins as in the Madagascar movie. It promises to be fun, wacky humour.
I have to get used to doing my roughs on a Cintiq tablet, but at the moment, I am going too slow for my own taste. So Monday, I'm making a template and doodling it all on paper then scanning them all. I can't be weaned off paper just yet!
I had the joy and privilege of going to the voice recording of the episode I'll be working on. The booths were full: 6 voice actors having the time of their lives, being silly but also doing their work. Very inspiring to be sitting there and listening to them. I stayed calm and professional, though part of me wanted to shout silly things too, hehe.
(I wish I had seen an Avatar recording)

I managed to get one of two DVDs of the first show I worked on as storyboard artist: Adventures in Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World.
Oh man, my screen directions are all over the place, haha! I learned so much since then.
I fell in love with the characters of Colver and Maplewhite all over again: a nice duo of villains, but since they are stuck on the same dino filled plateau than our heroes, they sometime work with them. Hurray for not completely one sided villains!
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Maplewhite is to the right- I did so many fun things with these characters, including having Maplewhite getting kicked in the balls, and showing him butt naked!!!
I loved working on this show!! XD

I had a total *squeeing* fangirl moment this week too: my ultimate, favorite Italian comic artist, Leo Ortolani, wrote me an email. *faints*
He is the author of Rat-Man, a parody of super heroes but the story evolved so much beyond just that. The hero has no power whatsoever...and no intelligence. Leo Ortolani is a genius at comedic timing, and a huge inspiration to me.
He had seen the little Avatar\Rat-Man crossover I had done in the past, as an hommage.
I wish I wish his books were translated in english and published all over the world! He deserves recognition way beyond Italy.
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I will write back to him, when I will have calmed down and make sure my brain doesn't go stupid on me.

Gotta return to work- got me some Avatar pages to do!
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