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I'm baaaack!

Sorry if I've been rather quiet for a while, been busy. Keeping it short:
Arrived safely in Burbank- staying with the same old roommate (wait, who am I calling old. I am older than him!)
-Had a few days to recuperate, used it to work on the last 6 pages for the DVD comic. Still much work to be done on these, but I'm progressing.
-Got myself a PS3! Hurray for Ratchet and Clank!!
-Spent the weekend with friends in Big Bear. Very relaxing, much good food. Too much good food. I regret nothing.
- Started back at Nick this Monday- we're in a different building this time, and I am now drawing almost exclusively on a Cintiq! I managed to get a lightbox, something which I will also need for the apartment here for work.So glad to see old friends and colleagues. Makes the going away from Montreal slightly smoother (awww man! This weekend the big Book Fair starts in Montreal. I'm missing all the fun!)

Started editing-changing Water Tribe. Behind the cut, a new version of the beginning.
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I'm posting these here, as a review before posting them on DA. Suggestions, text edits and grammar check, all welcome.
It is weird...I have the impression of slowing things down. But I think it will better explain certain things. Or at least, allow me to rewrite and spread out explanations over many pages.
I decided to keep the rough pencil-grey tones look. I can't spend more time on these pages than that. Still, I will correct drawings or panels I don't like anymore, while allowing me to keep what I liked without any changes in style.

Is it clear enough that pages 7-8 are a flashback?
It will take a little while to make new corrections- must finish those 6 pages asap.
Oh! There will be an Avatar Comics panel at the NY Anime convention December 7th. Go say hello to Dave Roman- a fantastic editor (I will have a slight extension for these pages, right? ;) ). Hope someone takes pictures.
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