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Still home.

Almost as a repeat of last year, I am still in Montreal due to bureaucratic paperwork- though this time, instead of being pushed back from the border, I stayed home waiting for the proper documents to arrive. I had to rebook the flight though...ouch!
Ah well. A few more days to relax (think silver lining, think silver lining)
The room has never been order. I can see so much of the floor!! All the books are on the shelves.

Finished part 3 of the DVD comics- 6 more pages to go!

And, as promised...the end of part 3 of Water Tribe.

Haha, I think I went a bit too overdramatic here and there. Bleargh. Ah well...
I needed Zhao to get his firebending back, just so he has a better fighting chance next time. He will need it.

And now, a little silent epilogue that wouldn't leave my head. I don't know if I should keep it or not, but am still posting it.

So there you go. Hope you've enjoyed the reading so far. Thank you for taking the time to read through this whole Zhaomadness.
You can consider this the end, for the moment, as my next step is to return to part one and rework it. I need to tweak a few things or two, based on suggestions made. The plan is to then post part 1 on DeviantArt, in the NoSelfControl gallery (that's Zhao's club). We'll see if I actually make it.
As for part 4...we'll see.
I'll need a break.
Have a good weekend everyone- the whole Water Tribe is leaving on vacation.
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