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It's a tag tag world

Got tagged by alexds1 for ten happy things to list.
Ten happy things, ten happy giddy things...

1. Good food, good cheese. Drop me in a good restaurant any time, and let me enjoy.

2. Getting away with a storyboard sequence at work. I often will I be able to draw a guy getting kicked in the nuts or completely butt naked and then seeing it animated? (Thank you LOST WORLD!!!)

3. Good movies, good books, heck, good stories.

4. Good music that makes you want to dance, even though you're working at 3am

5. Making an unexpected find when walking into a store (did I mention that postcard yesterday?)

6. A really nice big storm with lightning.

7. Time with friends

8. My parents. Cheesy? Maybe, but I'm lucky to have a good relationship with them. I'll treasure that while I still have them.

9. Finishing a particularly hard level in a video game.

10. ...ok, that picture of naked Zhao I did when practicing anatomy. Makes me crack up everytime. No, you're not seeing that one. *blushes*

Not tagging anyone else. Whoever wants to do it, do it.
Just a bit of art before signing off.

I had agreed to do two sketches for the winners of the Propaganda poster contest over at AvatarSpirit.Net. Did whatever came through my mind, and am now on my way to send them off.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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