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End of an era

Tomorrow is my last day at the video game company. 5+ years, the longest contract I ever had in one place. The company has grown immensely since I started, going from around 100 employees to over 400.
So tomorrow, I make my goodbyes, carry home my last books and other stuff I want to keep.
It's the first time I leave a place of work. Usually, I get fired or let go due to lack of work.
Feels...eerie. It's different to be let go than leaving. I can be terribly loyal, so leaving feels like I am not doing my work properly.

I'll be busy until I leave though. Much cleanup left to do, books to sell, stuff to recycle, Avatar comic work. Not leaving much time to think.

Sharing a fun video- fellow canadians that are old enough are going to get a blast from the past from this.

Wood spiders!!
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