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What's happenin'

Not much happening really:
Went to a most wonderful wedding this weekend. Congrats again to Kazu and Amy. Much love, and much happiness for all eternity.
I did take a few pics...but they are kinda weak, compared by those taken by the others. May upload at some point.

Went and survived through another Storyboard thumbnail pitch. A lot of small changes, with a few drawings surviving as is. One of the idea I pitched was waaaaay too far fetched. I'll probably post it after the episode airs.
One of our meetings today happened outside! That was so nice and relaxing, and warm. Good thing, the AC in the office worked full blast and I was freezing despite wearing two shirts. Brrr!

I need to do more Avatar drawings, as prizes for that contest I held on DA. Actually, one of the request has sparked this whole small comic idea. Dang it, now I want to draw the whole thing!

Quote of the day, from Giancarlo: "Make it make sense"

Reposting something I had put on DA- personal construction notes about avatar characters. 

Avatar Drawing notesAvatar Drawing notes
Just various little notes about character construction. These are my own, and in no way official.
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