August 13th, 2007

Egypt Cat

Bummed out

I'm not the first (nor the last) to post about it, but today the comic book community learned about the loss of a gentleman: Mike Wieringo was an extremely talented artist. He passed away very sudenly this past Saturday. He always had a kind word for his fellow artists, helped the beginners to the best of his abilities. He had so many projects, so many dreams...and it's all over.
I didn't know him much. I greatly enjoyed his art, especially his Tellos project. He left me a few very nice comments now and then, and I treasured those.
He wasn't old either. 44. I am almost there when I think about it. Makes one think about what one can accomplish in a lifetime.
He will be missed.

Apart from that, I've just finished part one of the contract I was working on. Taking the evening off to do a tiny bit of much needed cleaning here. I'll start again tomorrow.

Nope, no drawings tonight I'm afraid. Bummed out I tell ya.

Someone kick my butt into drawing gear: first five people who respond to this post I'll do a small sketchy for them. I'm gonna keep it restricted though- Zhao or Water Tribe related (this feels like this is HIS journal, not mine...)