August 11th, 2007

Water Tribe02

News tidbits

Is summer over yet?
I need AC in here. I got work to do!! GAH!
Ok, two pages, that's all I need to do for Monday. Two pages...
Wanted to update the Water Tribe earlier on, but work got in the way, but also tiredness. I decided to listen to my body and went to sleep relatively early these past few days (midnight).
Had a twinge of nostalgia this afternoon, about all the good people over in Burbank and Alhambra. *sigh*
Currently reading Death Note- was rather curious, as the artist who drew it I already liked his work (Obata had done Hikaru No Go), and found myself caught in a pretty good story of supernatural-police-psychological twists. I really got hooked on the second book.

NEXT WEEKEND! (August 18th)
I will be in Toronto for TCAF, the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, hanging around with more fun Flight people and many others.
Plenty of awesome guests, so if you're around, drop by it is absolutely free.

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