August 2nd, 2007

Egypt Cat


Trying to stay awake- the humidiheat in Montreal is sapping my energy more than I thought, plus I have the work contract to move forward on on top of the day job. I may have to ask for a slight extension to get everything done nicely.

Haven't forgotten about the Water Tribe thing. Heck, it's even starting to make me itch to really really make a nice version of it (after work, after all the work!!).

Most of you have read a good chunk of it so far, so I'm curious to hear your opinions on a few points:

Should I add more little "slice of life" back at the North Pole (part one). or keep it possibly as is?

Should I expand a bit more about the time back in the Fire Nation, be it with the citizens or the army training?

Anything you read that felt akward, a bit too rushed or too slow, let me know.
Please note that some more or less loose plot points I'll try to adress in the near future.

No new pages, but I was inspired of thinking of cover ideas after seeing alexds3 has done.
Very quick roughs, done with a messy 4B pencil and a sandwich in the other hand...

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