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Ah, the frustration...

....of having a dead scanner.
Bought the bloody thing barely a month ago, and now my computer refuses to communicate with it after a few weeks of working perfectly fine.
What went wrong, why all of a sudden stopping to work when I have made absolutely no changes whatsoever to any settings?
Machines I tell ya.
I am currently in contact with the tech support of Canon. They've already sent me one troubleshooting, but that wasn't enough to fix the problem. Waiting for another email, and if that doesn't work, telephone help.
And if it all fails, well...I guess I'll see if Canon will want to replace it or something. Maybe just the USB cable...who knows.

Ok, apart from scanner woes, all goes well. Really busy though- I must finish a two page comics this weekend . More details on that later, as it is a paying gig and I want the approval of the publisher first. Won't be doing the coloring though. Yay! That will save me time and stress. I am awfully slow with colors, always retouching, tweaking. I am gettin faster though.

Also finished the first storyboard. Handed in the pages today. Hopefully, there won't be more revisions, or at least, not too many.
Time to start another one. We are approaching the end of the project very quickly though *sigh*

Gah, I wish I could talk a bit more about work...but confidentiality clause rules all.
Wish I could post a few more doodles...but the scanner dictates its laws.

Couple of fun movies starting soon- now I'm curious to see Fido; not a fan of zombie films, but this one sounds different and it's canadian! Woot!
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