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The world is falling down...

..or at least, part of the street right in front of work.
The subway is closed, some underground stores have mentionned suspicious cracks in walls and ceilings, plus some collapses. No big holes in the road though. Hmmm...that would have been cool.

Work wise, gonna have to gear up this weekend: the pages I'm working on have been redone 2-3 times (I'm being picky, but darn it they do look better now!), plus a few other things to juggle at the same time.
Still, will take the time tonight to go see Paprika again for the second time.
Should spark the artistic muscles.

For those of you who have just started watching this LJ...sorry if all the art is going Zhao-centric. Can't help it, need to exorcise him out of my system.
That being said, I've now reached P.91 of thumbnails...I should celebrate reaching 100 with something, but I don't know what. Yet.

Tags: paprika, street collapse, zhao
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