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The evil of broccoli

I just never learn.
I know my system doesn't like to eat raw broccoli. Gives me stomach ache. But that salad today looked so tempting, I...I couldn't resist!
So here I am, feeling miserable again because I was hoping this time would be different (it was a mighty tasty salad though- only the after effects are bad).

Enough complaining- had an awesome time at TCAF this past weekend. No pics from me unfortunately. Did table duty, and it was nice and relaxed. Meeting and talking with loads of nice folks.
I just hope they forget about the kids tent next year, and just keep everyone in the same place. You could still have kids activities without isolating some of the artists.

Continuing part two of my work contract (I'll mention what it is at some point)- will be busy for a while on this I'm afraid. And it looks like I'll have to be juggling a third assignement at the same time soon too. Ayeee! But it won't last long, so it's not bad.

So what does it mean for the Avatar AU? Well, sporadic updates. But it continues!

The crew on Zhao's ship are not feeling too too hot about fighting not only their countrymen, but also the same navy.
I'm not feeling too hot about drawing naval battles (never did before), but hey! It will be a good exercise.
That Zhao is causing trouble for everyone I tell ya...
Tags: tcaf, water tribe, zhao
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