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1:22 am

Finished packing for SDCC at around midnight: 2 bags, 80 Horus minis, 60 HP fanbooks minis (maybe 80, we'll see if I carry an extra box in my hands), clothes and stuff, one back pack, one portfolio.
I don't travel light.
Crazy last few days. We still got stupid humidiheat here in Montreal, but it looks like I am leaving just as the worst wave is about to hit.

For those attending comicon, I'll mostly be helping at the Flight booth (1128) all weekend, except Saturday morning: that will be Avatar Day :D

No Water Tribe AU this time I'm afraid, though I am working on doodling the next few pages (and there's already something in the near future that is just silly enough it makes me giggle).
Looks like a few of us have managed to start corrupting a few more folks out there to Zhao shirtless awesomeness. YESH! Look at this great funny piece by Celestial4ever that sprung out on DA

Heehee, I love this so much!

And on that note...I'll be trying to catch a bit of sleep before the plane trip back to California. If only it wasn't so freakin' warm...
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