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Good food = +weight

Aw man, I'm going to have to start watching what I eat again: got a few extra pounds while in California.
The pants never lie: there are some that are slightly tighter than before. Must take example on my mom, who managed to shave off 15 pounds.
Glad I waited after this weekend though: parents visit usually means getting good food and eating at my uncle's place, and he can cook!

In other news, Flight 4 is out in bookstores (slightly later in specialised comics store). y story doesn't appear in this one, but rather in Flight Explorer coming out early 2008.
Do check out Flight volume 4 though: plenty of nice stories and styles.

Water Tribe stuff? Eh why not- you know me.

The officer who gives Zhao firebending lesson needs a good name. Anyone has any? He refuses to let me know - none is popping into my head.
Tags: flight 4, food, zhao
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