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I've read a few journals, over the past few days, of many artists becoming dissatisfied with DA, thinking of leaving, etc.
All their thoughts and comments have been very interesting to read, which made me think.
These folks are very talented, serious artists. Some joined in the days that DA was smaller, and probably had a much bigger proportions of artists from their level with whom to exchange. I can see how that changed as the site grew. I can see how that has gone 180 degrees from their expectation of a serious art site.
When I joined DA not that long ago, I never looked at it as anything "serious". Perhaps not the best of first impressions, you might say. I was glad to find the galleries of many artists I admired, or grew to admire. But I didn't understand what type of community it was. I wasn't expecting anything particular when I joined: wasn't thinking of selling prints. It was a much easier way to post drawing online, and have a decent looking gallery without having to update a website regularly (yeah, I am lazy and not that good at web designs). I wasn't thinking in terms of popularity either: sure, sounded like a good place to show my work, make a few contacts, but never expected more than that.
I am guilty of adding to the high proportions of fanart on DA, something that was pointed out as being annoying by many other artists. Understandable too- it is always so much better to see original creations.
At the same time, it never was purely fanart- everything I posted was in a way work related (well, except for the Potter stuff). But everything else had something to do with comics that were printed, art done during a project production.

Yes, even the Avatar stuff.
For this is the story of how I started watching the show- heard that Nick was looking for freelance illustrators for some of their production (magazine and promotion related). Didn't know Avatar, but looked like a fun style. I passed a test , which was accepted, but I never got contacted afterwards. But there, bang, I was hooked on the show, and kept practicing the characters, just in case work would come up. In which case, I'd be ready.
Well, work did come up, but it was not for the magazines.

Ok, that starts to sound like I'm making excuses for all the Avatar related junk I'm dumping in my DA gallery. The kind of fanart, not serious stuff that is possibly discouraging, and make many many talented artists want to leave DA.
I feel like I should apologise. But just little me is not going to change the whole way DA is managed. Perhaps if they made changes, like putting the popular category hidden behind a tab like the today section, and leave more room to the original creation...I don't know.  I'm not really helping in any case.

I do wish the best to all these great creators, to find a place on the web that fit their expectations (and hopefully stays that way).

In the meantime, I'll keep posting the silly stuff on DA, try and give comments and tips to the other people that asks for it (though I am not ready to do whole drawing tutorials...why can't these people make a bit of effort to look in a bloody art book sometimes). 

Sorry for rambling.
(but what else is journal for if not a spot of rambling once in a while)
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