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Finally finished the pages for Nick magazine, the Avatar special for September. Hope people will like it, it is quite a silly little idea (I guess I can talk about it, Dave has mentionned it here and there). Woohoo!

Weekend will be quite busy- will be getting visit from the parents, who I haven't seen since the holidays 7 months ago. Ouch! We might go to the street fair for the Just For Laughs festival. Could be fun.

Also planning a little comic with Aang+hair. Can't help it, it's all over the web and the muses threw one idea brick at me today :D

Of course, I also quickly put rough pages for the Water Tribe AU. Drawn a bit more faster than usual, so they may look a bit...empty and what not. Blah. Doing a bit of montage here, just so I can get to the fun part faster.

Tags: just for laughs, mom and dad, zhao
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