It's San Diego Comicon time again!

And I am going to be totally evil and basically copy pasta what I posted on DA.
Because I am lazy that way.
And I DESERVE lazy, as I am still very busy with a billion little things that flood me. I can't stop working!
But the work on Guardians is winding down. Storyboards have to end at some point, and we're only 5 months away from release. Yeah, I mentioned that in the past journal, didn't I? I guess because my every waking hours are still very much chained to it so I don't have that many original news.
But on to SDCC, and reposting my DA journal...so you can skip that last part if you've read it on DA
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hammers, pink floyd

I am falling off the face of this planet

I am barely present on Livejournal anymore- ouch!
I am wasting time on Tumblr instead, I'm afraid, using LJ to keep an eye on what friends are doing, because some are not on Tumblr and...and...
Isn't there a program somewhere that would just take all those journals, blogs and what not and create one huge monster of updates?
Too much of a mess? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, it's been a crazy past few months (work, overtime, no life) and though I sill have to spend a bit more time on Guardians, I am also seeing the end of my work on it coming to an end.
I am genuinely sad to be leaving this talented crew in the near future *snif*
The end of 2 years...
And talking of Guardians, these posters debuted online today:
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So much Korra love!

I hope most of you managed to see the two episodes of Korra this weekend. If not, it will be broadcasted April 14th on Nickelodeon.
I know it's hard if you live outside the US territories. Hope everyone can see them soon!
I could gush on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how I enjoyed them. They've raised the bar: beautiful animation, the art (backgrounds and all), the music, everything is just...*wow*. My head is spinning that a show if this quality and craftsmanship is being helmed here in North America (with help from overseas, but so are most animation projects so...not an excuse!).

Work on Guardians is moving at a brisk pace. The movie is out in November this year! We'll be sandwiched between "Twilight and "Hobbit", so any hopes of a #1 spot is pretty nil. But hey, if we can stay in the top 5, I'd be happy.

And finally, FINALLY we'll have a trailer out, in theater April 6th. Possibly online before that, but I have no dates or extra informations about it.
This is only the first, a teaser. Like other movies, there will be other trailers eventually.
Just posted two little comics with "The Thing In The Closet" while waiting for the trailer.
I had deleted the older comics. Personal reasons, didn't want them online anymore (so if any of you saved them, thank you but please don't repost).



Peeking out for a few minutes

Oh wow, when was the last time I updated this poor journal?

Heck, I've not really done any updates anywhere, except a few things on Tumblr but nothing I would call...productive? What can I say, daytime work is occupying my every waking moment (and some sleep hours too).

So all that is happening in my life is work, really. Being on the subject of that...
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Slowing Down

Apologies for the lack of update on LJ.
I moved away from it since the last major attack. I think I got fed up with it then and migrated to Tumblr:

I will keep LJ, mostly to keep track of all the awesome people I'm following, but I may start posting here less and less.
For now anyway.
It's going to be a major slow down in terms of posting material anyway. Too busy with work. I'll just update about the project when official news come out.
When that will be, I don't know.

I guess that's an excuse to post more Zhao again ;)
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SDCC 2011

If you can make it to San Diego Comicon this year, come and celebrate the release of the last volume of Flight! (Booth 2235, between Marvel and Sideshow Collectibles)
I won't have anything there this year, not really. A very few copies of Water Tribe, so unless you specifically ask for them...you won't see them on the table.
But plenty of great great contributing artists to Flight will drop by for signings:
Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet, Flight), Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy),Raina Telgemeier (Smile),Jake Parker (Missile Mouse),Kean Soo (Jellaby), Stuart Livinston (The Table), Katie Shanahan, Der-Shing Helmer (The Meek), JP Ahonen (Northern Over Exposure), Scott Campbell (The Great Showdowns), Tony Cliff (Delilah Dirk)
and a few more!

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