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Finally, a small break

First off, big thank you to everyone who left reading recommendations in my last post. I want to apologise for not responding to each of you personally, I'm afraid I got lazy.

Or is that tired?

Probably both.

In any case, this past weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I had freeeeeee! No work, just doodlin' for myself. Managed to see Inception and Scott Pilgrim.
Can't remember the last time I watched two different movies in one weekend.
I won't go into full reviews of the movies. I'll just say see them. See them both. See them more than once!!!!

JFCollapse )

Too excited to work

Crud! I have to work on this scene but I can't help reading the Rotten Tomatoes review for "How To Train Your Dragon".
So far, we're holding in above the 90% range. I don't know if we can keep it up, but I hope so.

Most of the reviews so far are fair: no, it isn't a Pixar film nor does it try to be (it is also much shorter). It just wants to be a fun adventure story, one that we all hope the audience will enjoy.
Aw heck, I'm no good writing about these things. Lack of vocabulary.
I'll let Ruffnut and Tuffnut take over for a second.

1 picture = 1000 words.
Whatever those words might be.

Another little thing got me excited today: the teaser trailer for Scott Pilgrim VS the World, based on the really fun serie by Bryan Lee O'Malley.
I grinned and smiled through the whole thing. If you haven't read the books...hopefully this teaser trailer will make you want to pick up the original source and give it a read. So far, it looks like a really really fun adaptation of it.


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