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Can't say I've done a lot worth posting a journal about. Can't talk about daytime work much, except to say I've survived one more storyboard check in with the director and head of story.
I'm actually quite happy with it at the moment, but I don't want to go running around celebrating.
Mostly because I know I will find something wrong with it in the coming weeks.
Also because the movie is two years away from release so that scene, if it survives until then, would be a miracle.
Like that one scene I've reworked a few times. I'm feeling another redo in the near future, hopefully for the better.

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What else...
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Oh, and one last thing.
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Jun. 21st, 2009

Egypt Cat
Happy father's day to all the daddies out there!
I've seen a few people posting pics of their dads, so here goes:
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Apart from that...went to do a bit of shopping. Having no patience to look for clothes, I ended up at the bookstore and picked up the Walking Dead #9 trade and "The Eternal Smile" by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim. Two totally different styles of books. Looking forward to reading both equally.

Cleaning of the room almost done. No piles of book left on the floor, but a huge pile of magazines left to read. Too many Fortean Times, not enough time.

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That's a day of sucky news.

Mille Sabords!
First off, Nickelodeon Magazine has been cancelled.

Viacom decided that in this internet age, a print magazine is obsolete and decided to stop producing it.
I'm really sad for the great creative team over at Nickelodeon magazine, that put so much energy everyday in producing one of the rare kids friendly publication. Some may not have noticed, but there was some truly great comic artists working for them, doing some really entertaining material.
Sending good vibes to Dave Roman, Chris Duffy and the rest of their team.

No more new Avatar comics.
And I was going to do a Zhao comic! An official Zhao comic to see print!
Maybe I'll do it here, for the web. Full color and all. Na.

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Reading material

what the...
During the trip to Montreal, went on a book buying binge (most of it, comics and mangas). Also picked up a few magazines that I just cannot find here, like KMT and Ancient Egypt (both Egypt themed magazine, one from the US and one from the UK).
I didn't manage to read them all, or bring them all back with me. *sigh*
One was from a classic character named Spirou. This book is part of a collection where guest artists make new stories. This one has a wonderful, serious atmosphere and the style is really charming:
I also got this one, from Cyril Pedrosa, and really looking forward to reading it:

One book that I bought in San Francisco's airport was Mary Roach's "Bonk".
I found myself laughing out loud during the flight (and not being able to share the fun with my seat neighbour). She has a fun way of writing about serious, perhaps slightly uncomfortable subjects, but always filled with fun facts. I may have enjoyed "Stiff" a bit more, but this new one was definitely entertaining, educational and, dare I say...inspiring?

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Too tired

Egypt Cat
Wanted to post loads of art tonight, but failed. Too tired, and too much to do. *sigh*. Tomorrow night then.
But today was still awesome (ok, the storyboard is not yet done, but still).
Just got a whole bunch of books from the french bookstore in Montreal- ah bliss! The joy of reading in french again! Two Tezuka books, including one hardcover Black Jack with colored pages! Also Zipang and Death Note. That's for the mangas.
In big european format, there is De Capes Et De Crocs- some of the best, wittiest writing in comics. Would love to share, but unless you do read french, a lot of its strenghts and beauty would be lost.

Alim Le Tanneur (beautiful art and good story)

And finally a new one, Les Aigles De Rome, drawn by Marini who does the beautiful book Scorpion. I'm giving this title a try because I liked his previous work so much:

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More reworked Water Tribe pages

Water Tribe01
Nothing much happened this weekend- got three new books:
The Search for the Last undiscovered Animals by Karl P.N. Shuker. He has a regular forum in the magazine Fortean Times, plus the book was on special.
The Little Ice Age. How much of the world was colder for about 500 years between 1300 and 1800 give or take, and how it affected history.
The Worst Journey In The World- the retelling of Scott's expedition to the South Pole and how everything went wrong- as retold by one survivor.

And some Water Tribe stuff- reworks of part 2.
I swear, all I do these days is fix Zhao's receding hairline...making sure it recedes even more XD.

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