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First five minutes of HTTYD 2

OMFG you all! Dreamworks posted the first five minutes to their youtube channel. I saw it on IMDB and hunted down the youtube to embed for you all. Squee to your hearts content. I certainly did. And Oh man I love that song. Gotta get the soundtrack when it comes out

Edit: Apparently there's also a second trailer, too!

Edit 2: Err ah, spoiler warning?

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  • Sat, 23:21: Episode 0422 was... mediocre. The basic story is told countless times. It was a nice to see a bit of Equestrian economics.


The Darkest Hour p. 6 (bw)

I have started posting the sketch pages of my comic to my Wordpress webcomic site, Because I am no longer satisfied with the beginning of the tale of Gorlois and Ygraine, I decided to rewrite and redraw it, and I thought I might as well use the new pages as a test case for my definitive comics pages. So here is the new page 6, still to be coloured.

After a detour via A3, I have finally decided to draw on A4 size paper - or adopt the manga format, if you like, rather than the American or European comics formats. Let's just see how this works out. Personally I feel more comfortable drawing A4-sized pages, plus I can also scan them on a normal-size scanner. So yes.

I intend to draw and ink some more pages (I think they will be 5 or 6 in total) and then paint them all together.

 photo 0006_tdhxltxt_zps4c080b14.jpg

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LiveJournal not affected by Heartbleed

Dear users,

As you might have heard, a major vulnerability in SSL (the secure channel used for HTTPS) has been detected recently. As many as two thirds of internet sites were affected, including social networks and major web sites.

We are happy to confirm that LiveJournal is not vulnerable and has not been affected at all.

Meanwhile, in the past 12 months we have been working hard to deploy many security features to protect user data.

Nevertheless, even though LiveJournal was not affected by the Heartbleed bug, changing your password is still a good idea, especially if you use similar passwords on other sites whose data may have been compromised. If you haven't changed your password in the last year, we recommend that you do so now.

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  • Thu, 21:12: Today, @AntonLame and I beat the shit out of the walls of my toilet. Tomorrow, we'll start building it back up.
  • Thu, 21:14: But seriously, everything with a surface was covered in goddamn dust. It wasn't pretty. But that's in the past now.


Gawain Project: Brothers & Sisters, p. 140

Gawain Project banner

Wooha. I'm so occupied with drawing the first of my *definitive pages* (!) that I almost forgot to post today's page O_o.

Which reminds me I still need to produce next week's page as well, and get on with my scripting :p.

I'm also working on my website, like I said. I still need to center my banner and sort out a weird effect that occurs when you use the navigation right under the menu to switch comic pages (if you want to try it and you get a double banner or a page that doesn't load, refresh the page to display it properly), but on the whole the site is shaping up and I have started publishing The Darkest Hour there.

So if you are a new reader, or you want to reread TDH: awaits!

I'll be throwing in some completely new pages to replace pages 6 and 7 because I was really not happy with them. They have been rewritten :p.

But now: back to Arthur!


Arthur and his men are in Venta, where the Sword of Kings has remained stuck in a stone for ages. And you know what? Arthur actually manages to pull it out! I know, such a surprise!

 photo bamps_140s_zps7a6cc2e7.jpg

Concrit is still and always welcome :).

Part I: The Darkest HourCollapse )
Part II: SunriseCollapse )

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Five years, eleven months, and twelve days after I started drawing comic pages, TJ and Amal is done.
I'm going home shortly to check some bleed issues and then reupload any necessary replacements to the printer.

I've been sleeping upwards of 6 hours a night since I finished. Still waiting for my body to adjust.

Not sure how I feel yet.

Took an extra-long dog walk and read a book last night because I finally could. Tonight I'm gonna go to the gym or go running and then play some pokeymans.


I want to be a Mendicant.

There was a recent report in the local papers with some not-so-startling information (but which obviously came as a shock to those not in the know) about how paying it is to be unemployed. Without getting into the money made from the government via unemployment insurance, disability insurance, etc, you get this on bums:

Squeegie-guy: $27.00/ hour
Mendicant/Bum/Bugger: $42.00/ hour

Cash. Non-taxable. Screw the system any way shape or form you can.

I hate people. I hate injustice. Man, some days I hate the fucken world.

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